February 29, 2016

Brand Development & Logo Design

Various applications
Brand identity, logo concept sketches & print-ready artwork
United States, Australia & New Zealand

General assumptions about your business are made by viewers in the first few seconds of exposure to collateral brand materials. These assumptions may be good, or bad depending upon your overall brand stance. Your logo and brand identity should showcase what type of products and services you sell and the calibre of your work.

Logo development involves a several step process in order to achieve an effective identity for any given product or service.

Questioning all stakeholders to determine past & present perceptions, then developing a series of adjectives best describing desired new or existing perceptions or traits of the brand.

Simple, black-and-white renderings of logo concepts in varying approaches bring about discussion and aid in defining the brand focus. This process may involve several cycles to achieve a singular and final version.

Refining: Out of one developed concept, font and imagery choices come together into a finished logo, which is colorized and converted for use in print or digital applications. Brand guidelines may also be developed at this stage.

Branding treatments are then applied to other aspects of marketing materials. Font, color families and general guidelines are determined and consistently used across all marketing materials.